The community of Belarusians in Latvia “Supolka” was organized in August-October 2020 by the efforts of Belarusians living in Latvia.

It aims at uniting everyone who takes the people and culture of Belarus close to the heart, or is simply interested.

By the people of Belarus we mean not only ethnic Belarusians, but also all the communities living in the region.

The main goal of this association is to support the interests of Belarusians and their families in Latvia, as long as connecting the Belarusian and Latvian culture and society, establishing contacts between Belarusians and Latvians.

We are also interested in participating in Latvian-Belarusian cooperation projects, we want to help Belarusians integrate into Latvian culture-and-work life and promote a positive image of Belarus and Belarusians in Latvia.

If you know that the reply to the call "Long live Belarus!"  is "Live forever!", then you look in the same direction as us.




We aim to promote the integration of Belarusians living in Latvia.

We aim to expand cultural, economic and humanitarian cooperation between these two countries.

We aim to establish and maintain contacts with Latvian politicians and journalists and keep them updated on the situation going in Belarus.

We aim to disseminate information about Belarus in Latvian society.


You can always contact us by email info.supolka@gmail.com