35 years of the Chernobyl disaster

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35 years of the Chernobyl disaster

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster, which occurred on April 26, 1986, remains one of the most catastrophic events in human history. It had far-reaching consequences not only for the immediate region but also for the global community. Today, on the 35th anniversary of the accident, it's essential to remember the profound impact it had on the lives of countless people.

"Doctors for some reason kept repeating that they were poisoned by gases, no one talked about radiation. And the city was filled with military equipment, all roads were blocked. Soldiers everywhere. Electric trains, trains stopped running. They washed the streets with some kind of white powder..."

Lyudmila Ignatsenko, wife of the deceased firefighter. Testimony from the book "Chernobyl Prayer"

As we remember this solemn anniversary, let us pay tribute to the victims, the brave firefighters, and the countless individuals who worked tirelessly to contain the disaster and its aftermath. May we continue to learn from this tragedy and strive for a safer and more sustainable future.