Anniversary of the election of Belarusians

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Anniversary of the election of Belarusians

It's a significant moment to remember and reflect upon the events of August 9, 2020, when the Belarusian people made their choice for change and stood against deceit and violence. The unity and determination displayed by the Belarusian population in resisting fraud and demanding their rights have been truly inspiring.

Living abroad, the Belarusians have shown their unwavering support for their fellow countrymen and women who had to leave their homeland due to circumstances or persecution. By holding support actions and drawing attention to the situation in Belarus, they play an essential role in keeping the world informed about the ongoing struggle for freedom and justice in the country.

The solidarity and compassion demonstrated by the Belarusians in Latvia and across the world show that the fight for a better Belarus is not limited by borders. It is a testament to the unyielding spirit and faith in the possibility of positive change even in the face of cruelty and challenges.

Let us continue to support and stand in solidarity with the people of Belarus, advocating for their rights and a brighter future. Live Belarus!