You go girl! Women's march for Belarus

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You go girl! Women's march for Belarus in Riga

The march started at Vermanes Garden and ended in front of the Latvian National Opera. In the light of the recent election campaign, Belarusian women were forced to take an active peacemaking stance after the persecution of popular leaders and the inhuman suppression and torture of peaceful demonstrators.

Protests against violence, which brought together thousands of Belarusian women with flowers and dressed in white, became known worldwide. For a while, the level of violence in the country decreased. However, when Lukashenko and his entourage saw the threat to their regime posed by courageous Belarusian women, they increased pressure on them. Traditional Saturday women's protests end with mass arrests of up to 500 people.

False denunciations are being filed against our women, and they are thrown into prisons with inadequate conditions in cold cells. Mothers are insulted and threatened with the removal of their children from their families, and they are fired from jobs in government institutions. Lukashenko's regime issues unlawful fines and uses propaganda tools on state channels to smear the reputation of women who stand for peace and the observance of rights.

Women's solidarity knows no boundaries, and we would be grateful if women from all over the world support our initiative in the fight for the rights and dignity!